The new concept of “Shirt-Jacket” from the creative mix between past rules and innovation.


What these words have in common?

These remain the most frequent words that people use to describe the future of this industry.
Motivated by this assumption, two years ago we came up with an ambitious and courageous idea of outlining an innovative and versatile garment according to the dynamism of modern society.

Despite the initial doubts, we fearlessly approached the stage of study and design. The creative flow required the contribution of our trustworthy friend Alfonso Sirica, not only master tailor but also educated expert of the past handmade rules.

His huge experience led us through the whole blueprinting of our first model. Day by day, patiently, my father and the “master tailor” used to team up for sketching the pattern of this new garment.

One month later, we finally sewed the first trial thanks to one of our qualified tailor.

The initial enthusiasm faded away as soon as we thought that our ambitions might exceed our talent by far.

However, the 2nd generation bringing to the table an uplifted mindset, new ideas and international view made the things happen.

We realized that the biggest risk would have been making a safe choice. This decision led us to realize the ultimate tailoring piece.

The concept is offering a jaw-dropping alternative to the classic Neapolitan-style jacket.

We wanted to create something magic, cut for a modern and casual fit with a crisp attitude taking the classic outfit to the next level.

All secured by a fully made-in-Italy labour.